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I'm a geek girl who likes to listen to music, go to the movies, play video games and Mmorpg. I A-DO-RE cats and feline, to role play, to sing, write and draw. I often refer to myself as a crazy person, in a good way :P

Feb. 14, 2011

WoW whore and other sicknesses

Looking back on my last post I had to add that I now have a working PC thank God, and I also got a new bed :) thank God for that also ^^ It's almost been 3 months since my new baby was delivered and ready to work hard and well I'm back on World of Warcraft :P Lucky as I am, I transferred my main character to Valou's new server and one month later she stopped playing because no time, boredom, and unfortunately now she's been in the Hospital for a week. She's our own House sitcom. I didn't know searching for a diagnosis and being wrong a couple of time was really common for doctors. She was having strong headache/migraines and puking so she was placed in the contagious section in case of a viral meningitis (meningicocus according to Benoit, I know I'm probably writing it wrong anyway) Then they found a rock in her kidney which was in fact a cyst on her right ovary... and the strange bacteria they finally got the lab test for was salmonella. Yay. Now I just hope she gets better soon. She really looked aweful at the hospital :( Which had me feel bad too. And Crunchy who was visiting with me, caught the stomach flu, probably from the hospital. I guess I'm lucky I didn't catch it too XD.

So back ongaming, I did start a new character on another realm... the exact same character as my main :P Yeah I'm crazy like that. Well I didn't want WoW to make money on me with another character moove :P Now I play with friends from Cégep.

Oh and I've listened to the new song made by The Guild,"Game On". It is awesome! I've also started watching the show on youtube because of the song. It's so funny XD. I feel less crazy for having my character lvled up to 75 in 2 months, including Xmas time, because I still have friends and play less than the characters. But I know some people do play a lot like that :P ^^

DHL hate preview one :P

It's been what, 3 month since I wrote here ? Well it has also been 3 months since I ordered my xmas gifts on thinkgeek.com and nothing has arrived yet, not even an e-mail from the transport company or anyone to explain to me why an express shipping service crashed somewhere with my package. Well today I went back to search for my confirmation e-mail and my tracking number, so I could make a query to the company. I don't know if it's a one time thing, but that experience make DHL fall lower than UPS in my head. So I finally found my DHL "tracking" and pressed the lovely customer service button. Now I just wait for an answer :) Which I sincerly hope is not "Sorry, your shipment exploded with the plane because of terrorists"

A friend who has a gift in my package just told me they were robbers :S I hope it's not that either cause then I'd have no course of action. I don't even know if they are required to reimburse me if someone went away with my package :S.

Also on their website for support, it says 1k characters to write your message but I had only 100 and the zip code doesn't recognizes the country its in because it still asked for 5 digit instead of 6 letters and digit when I wrote Quebec. Weird things stop happening to me XD

Nov. 12, 2010

Finally ^^

4th post ^^
I will not post the stuff about Christmas right now, cause I'm too good where I am to go into the dept of the dark corners of my mind where all that bad shiz happen to me and the complaining god turns them into rant mode. Was that too complicated to understand ? I am happy as in lala land happy, to have received a perverted phone call at my job (I work at Dunkin Donut so, very unusual for those call lol). Obviously now half of the readers would be WTF is loony toony enough to wish for that to happen and the other half would be laughing out loud, clearly in on what's next.

So I was like, serving someone when  the phone rang. I go to answer after like 10 secondes, and the only thing I hear on the other end is loud breathing. I was shockes for like 3 seconds and hung up. I was a bit shaken as I tried to finish with my client when the phone rang again. I didn't answer, the idea of a false number or random DD business was highly unlikely.  Then when it rang again when I had nobody to serve, I went to answer again. The voice greeting me was very familiar.... like very very familiar.

My very own super hero :P As he's the kind to answer "penis" at random questions and usually don't call me at work, I guess he's the weirdo loud breath and he's going to talk about my soon to be new PC ^^.  Both of my guesses were right ^^ When I heard his answer to "Please don't do this again, its creepy" with the laugh of his girlfriend and another couple of friends in the background, I knew I was right. And then he proceeded to explain in detail what would my new baby be XD. YAY after 5 years of nightmare I will have a working PC that meets more than the recomended requirements for WoW  (well so far for Litch King I guess... dunno if Cataclysm's speck are out yet...)

And when we finally hung up, I spent the rest of my work time snikering and laghing out loud, nearly choking on a glass of water out of nowhere because I found that prank too funny. Thank you ben for my happy pill moment of the day ;)

yep, still listening to those 3 same songs ;)
Still a post that cuts into my novel writing T_T its already 3 am, and I'm going to bed!

Nov. 11, 2010


I just deleted my whole post.
That means that counting yesterday's post, I have put more than 2000 Blog words worth nothing in my novel under 24 hours:P
And I don't have the courage to rewrite my post... why does Blogger has a draft save so quick without the possibilité to go on former draft saved version. This is so fucking stupid. Especially now that I don't want to rewrite a whole post but still have the wording fresh in my head.

I'l at least post my random shitz again :P The I hate xmas post can be rewritten tomorrow.

So Random Happy Pill. I would like this to gain  the "expression status". I sure an using this as a concept of "Happy moment of  the day" "Lol Shitz" and "Serotonin induced smile spurt". So the random happy pill of the moment, that keeps me from punching myself for lost of blog post, would be that tonight is "Big Bang Theory" and "$#*!  My Dad Says" night. *Whishful Thinking: they'll be online tonight instead of Friday night*

*Puts Barenaked Ladies Big Bang Theory Theme in alternance with Never Say Never* cause yeah, I'm still listening to it.

Other Random Lulz: I just bought a Pokemon zombi T-Shirt :D At least Tee Fury has the decency of having Halloween related tees. Well zombies are not only Halloween's but also a random evil world threath  fandom. Still am I here talking about Santa Claus Pokemon ? NO cause it would be brain crashing 2.0. But that is left for next post. OMG quadruple post XD.

Last random stuff I ReWRITE... Pee moment. I now have to get up, and then get down under the cover. Was more fun the first time I wrote it, especially since I didn't got up at that time to pee because I wanted to finish posting first. Now I'm stuck because I lost it. I don't want to go anymore. And I will wake with a Daddy pee tomorrow... unless the cold of the toilet seat can make it wake up. Yep, my pee can sleep, funny heh? And oh so very randomly delicious...
"Onaka ga suita" - I'm hungry now.

Listening to the same shameful songs, Bieber's Never Say Never, and Jonathan Roy's Everyday and the very good not shameful Big Bang Theory Theme.
Good night

Muahahah evil wins

Double post!
muahaha the power of writing might return to me soon XD
I wanted to talk about 2 things today, hopefully this wont be as long as this morning's post...
*well at this time its yesterday morning's post*

Oh fine. I went to the movies tuesday, to see Megamind. Yes I was on my own. No comment. I was also glad to be with only 20 some stranger in the room. Viau's Starcité is the best theater to go watch english movie in Montreal... If they have the movie you wanna watch in english (usually they got 1 or 2 english movies and thats it). But the place is neat, lots and lots of people.... for the french presentation. So even though it was Megamind first's tuesday, I got one of the best place geting in my seat around 10 minutes before the movie previews started. To have the same place in Scotia Banq theater at Peel station, I would have to be there at least half an hour in advance or more!

Now before getting to the movie itself, I must mention the sneaky preview of Justin Bieber's show's movie for january. Because I don't know Justin Bieber, or his story or anything about him, I was caught off guard by the 3D movie preview of his life. Because you know, when you see a youtube cam of a kid playing his toy guitar, you think "Is this a new Denis Arcand story or another remake of Karate Kid? No? Well that's what I thought at first. But it became clear quickly that "Hi my name is Justin, really wasn't about Justin Tiberlake :P I watched the kid grow up (well not that much *roll eyes*). When the music started, WTF, that song WAS in the new Karate Kid movie (which was pretty decent)

And THEN,  I realized that the song I really liked, in a movie I watched this summer, was going to be part of a movie about something  someone I had tried to ignore the best I could. And that someone was the actual SINGER of that great song. Oh boy T_T. And the life lesson behind the song was also very moving and touching and SHIT now I have to face it, I would probably like Justin Bieber's music. No I won't go see his movie in January, but I will Never Say Never :P And yes this song is going on my mp3 player. I feel ashamed now... T_T go watch the preview.... if you dare! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1r1tUahB0s

I wanted to talk about 2 things today, hopefully this wont be as long as this morning's post.... I think I can say, without having even brushed the subject I wanted to talk about, that I will fail. It is going to be long. I can't believe I talked so much about Justin Bieber T_T *facepalm* lol Just for that it's going to become one of my tag :P

Megamind! That's where I was going :P It was nearly as awesome as Despicable Me, good and entertaining, but lacked the tear bringing moment/deepness of the former. Although predictable, you still wished for the good guy to win... that is the main character despite what you might think. He is the sexyest, unluckyest alien to ever come to earth (Yeah, the blue slender one with the big bald head....)  He would have been perfect with pointy ears  lolllll. He was also endearing and funny. I just loved the Donkey Kond arcade reference, although considering my laughing at the scene, I was probably the only one to get it. Stil, I enhoyed my time there, all excited for no reason, from the previews to the after credit scene. But it made me want to draw fanart of him and Spock together XD. Now I said it...

Random preview comment again : There's a Kung Fu Panda 2 coming up in may XD *happy*

think I'm gonna do a trippe post :P because next subject is really far from this :P
Christmas is evil :P

Listening to : Never say never - Justin Bieber ft. Jaden Smith
Location: my room with new lightbulb ^^ 6 month it took for me to change it, thinking my roomate was too short like me, even with a chair, to reach it and change it. *facepalm again*

Nov. 10, 2010

Epic fail ne? Not Yet!

Over a month without updates here, or in my fic, or anywhere in my life - love, work - I find that even with friends I kind of suck at it. Last time I wanted to post here was after one of my friend bday supper. I practically ran out crying, feeling that for once I could have maybe made a fool of myself, but also made my point about being respectful and none judgemental, which my friends lacked that time. But I did not. I suppressed my tears like the nearly 25 yrs old adult that I was and swore I would talk to them later. Which I never did.

I don't know why I feel so depressed tonight. I don't know why I end up here talking about it, when that event has passed and I was thinking of firing myself up for NaNoWriMo this year. Maybe listening to your heart is the key. As it is for writing, or so it seems. This week's pep talk was about writing about what you want to write. Maybe subconciously I need to vent that evening out here because I was not over it? I don't really know. I take pride over knowing myself well but it seems knowing about it doesn't make a difference. I find myself unable to change, lacking willpower, means, confidence...

Then I recall the weeks following my birthday. It was an awesome birthday, I got best wishesd from people I didn't think I would... It seemed turning 25 stirred up stuff though. I felt like a dying swamp. Ok, maybe not the best image. But you know, when a water pool is disappearing over the years, its botom and border get filled with plants, dead wood, and if you put your feet at the bottom, you can sense yourself going deeper in mudd like shit when on the surface everything seems fine. Well some events seems to stirr up the shit in the bottom of my heart and head, only to fall back down when I forget about them. Self defense mechanism I could say, I'm very good at forgetting things.

So, a week after my Bday I found myself having adults conversations with friends that reminded myself of me as a kid, wonder in her eyes as she wished she could be a grown up to participate in those adults conversations too. Strange how humans often wish for something they can't have, and when they have it, they want to turn back time? That is especially an issue for me because I always lived half in the futur, half in the past, not thinking of saving some time for me in the present. Or thinking of saving everyone in the present.

Which I grasped more on Halloween's week-end. When I read my character sheet for our now annual thrill/horror roleplay game, I winced at my character's closeness to me. Ben made me a favor that night when he made me remember one of my best quality and worse flaw. I want to save everyone, make people like eachother and make them happy around me, even if I have to sacrifice myself for that. Which I still ended up doing at the end of the game. I KNOW its a GAME. I make due precision just in case some weird hating D&D stalker reads that and go ranting about this "devil game"...

Because I want to be special, I often forget I already am. I'm open minded, I welcome every living being in my heart and I believe every human (don't know any aliens yet) is good to the core. I'm a perfect, endeering, stupid, main character from one of my Shoujo (girl) anime. I'm a geek with a weird love for weirdness, cats and nyahs.And I'm still hoping for my happy ending. Such naive girl living in me. And I'm told this is a gift, from a kind lady whom I always talk to at my job. Her mother is the same, a Libra of he 21 october. No more point to make although a zodiac sign has defined me in many ways even if I don't believe in fortune telling and such.

Well its a new year beginning, almost a month has passed and I am now writing a novel! *kind of time to change the subject, because it was rainy border stormlike with a chance of meatballs...which I ate for dinner! XD. Yay for making absolutely no sense :) That's what my novel's all about. Too. Not just my life. Lol.

I want to do a sci-fi novel with fun stuff, well I can! And I will! 1104 words so far, the month is almost at its half and my muse keep her mouth shut. I began on the 3rd or 4th, but still, I should be able to find my inner voice. Now that I've left  some negative energy flow out, I can think of walking forward, in the "now"! Well right now it would be more acurate to say sleep forward in the now *roll eyes*. Almost 5h30 am, I will get in bed before the sun rises. I want to reach at least 25 000 words before the end of november, which would be half of what's expected. Still for now the mark is 10 000 first ^^ Never stop hoping, even if it hurts. Because a true path to happiness is hoping for something greater tomorrow than the awesomness of today!

Epic fail ? Never!

Sep. 30, 2010

Unlucky ? I dare say so :P

Rant time, you will have been warned not to read further, except if you like sarcasm and bad humour!

Why is it that I often find myself in doomed situation, where nothing can be done – except maybe watching patiently – until the situation has resolved itself? Maybe I am disrupting the normal flow of life or it's just a case of bad Karma – I don't believe in either. Maybe I should start to. I think of things– bad things – that can happen to me, and when I am late or miss my bus, they don't seem as worse as being pushed in front of the metro coming.

Still I have such timing that I really ought to keep my extra precautions. Here's a normal day for me: lets take for example... I dunno, maybe TODAY :P

I have a job meeting at 6, otherwise I am free for the day. I leave at least 10 minutes early so I'm sure that I will still be on time if the STM metro or bus collapse in front of me. As I enter the metro station, I see my metro there, without enough time to run inside it. I tell myself it is no big deal, we're on rush hour, next one is going to be in 3 to 5 minutes. Then as I walk down the stairs I notice it should have closed his doors and gone, when it finally does. I pay, then proceed down to wait for the next one as a chirping sound makes its way through my earplug playing music.

Damn it

“A disturbance causes a retardation in our services on the green line towards Angrignon. More information will follow” “Oh hey you suicidal maniac, I hate you”, that's what I thought.

Well, I still should be on time so why not enjoy the music while reading my Star Trek novel. When I finally arrive to Berri-UQAM, I climb the moving stairs quickly just to find the metro closing its doors and leaving. Oh so déjà-vu. I then place myself near the doors' place so I might have a chance to sit and read, or at least put my back to the wall somewhere.

The orange line's trains offer more space to do that. Wishful thinking on my part as I forgot the time and people. 5h20 is rush hour. And the people just magically get in front of you as soon as the train comes. Oh yeah, stuck with my hand on the opening door, and its so crowded I have to pick up my bag and get out at each station to let people out. Hello suckers, that's why I wanted to be in the BACK – was what I thought – those 8 station are going to be long.

I finally managed to get to work on time for the meeting thank you very much express bus 460 every “less than five minutes” from 5h30 to 6h :) Then I hoped it wouldn't be too long for I promised my best friend I would be at her place to watch a movie, and she goes to bed quite earlier than I do. Counting I had a whole hour of travel to do before getting there, I had to leave with the 460 again, the last one being at 8. Fortunately again it finished around 7 so I was able to take the bus at 7h10 and be there at 8h15. Which was what happened.

Once there, I was supposed to have my box – wrongly sent to the hostess of a Tupperware without Tupperware evening two weeks ago – waiting for me there. It contains a safe where I wanted to put my stuff in, like the money I'm saving for my new computer, condoms, lube and other personal stuff, before the exterminator comes on Friday. Yeah, we got bed bugs at home, its been two months now. Understandable that I don't want him to go through my personal stuff too much, just in case. But the friend that was supposed to bring it to my best friend, did not do it. I though of giving her a slap on the wrist but its her birthday today so I won't :P Plus she is one reader that comment here so she's all excused.

Her post about the package : http://www.fiorentinoconcept.com/blog/2010/09/27/pick-up-time/

But all of this is to be expected to happen to me at least once – if not twice – a week. Then the ride home was the cherry on top. I changed wallet at home and forgot to put my new coupon for points in the Metro (grocery store this time). Marie-Eve offered my her copy of her coupon, because the grocery store was just beside the metro/bus station where I had to go to get back home. I wanted to do some last minute shopping – it closes at midnight everyday – and I left Marie's home five minutes past eleven. When I arrived at the grocery store, and verified the open hours just to be sure, it was 11h12 already. On my way I surmised that I would take roughly 25 minutes to finish my purchase – I love to do the grocery – and that I would be able to take the bus at 11h44. Then I saw the piece of paper printed and taped to the windows.
“Exceptionally we will close at 11h pm on Wednesday September 29th, we're sorry for the inconvenience, Metro.”

“What the hell” is what I thought.

I knew it. Then I started to walk fast towards the Sherbrooke street, I could maybe catch the bus at 11h14, wishful thinking again. I was between two bus stops though, and I also had to cross the street. In my ear there was a song playing – from the group Two Steps From Hell – that reminded me of epic quests and movie OST like Indiana Jones. The group does soundtrack for movie trailer, so it was not that surprising to find a song remotely close to that type of movie. In fact, they really do have epic songs and everyone should dig them up on YouTube and such. Back to our bus problem, because yeah, it had to be right there, at the other light, waiting to just pass in front of me.

I started to run toward the next stop, wishing for the light to turn yellow so it would allow me to cross the street and take the bus. At first I almost started crossing the street right there, in the middle of nowhere, and my little voice warned me that in the dark, on a passing street like Sherbrooke – that should probably be called boulevard instead of street – it was the best way of getting myself killed.

Sometimes I listen to my instinct, because it doesn't always feel right, but right then you bet it felt like the good thing to do!

So I was there, running like my life depended on it, listening to music telling me I was victorious from everything, when the light changed to a blinking green to allow an easier left turn for the cars. The bus continued on its journey as I came to a stop and did a 180° to walk to the metro station “Langelier”, still listening to the now more ironic music. "Of course the fucking light had to rightfully turn to yellow just AFTER the bus crossed the street.

Walking down the stairs to the metro station, I was not surprised to see that I just missed the train, again. If I count the times I have taken the bus or the metro today, shit happenend 4 times out of 6. That's two out of three ARE bad in my case! That's when I got the urge to blog about this. Frankly, I believe my roommate when she says she has never experienced more transport shit than when she is with me! And I'm pretty sure I could put that rule to the test for jobs or partner :P

Hope this made your day better, or at least laughed. That's the purpose of random shit happening to others. I know I laugh now that I am safe and home!

Sep. 25, 2010

Cucumbers hidden secrets

Cucumbers rival WD-40
OK why sould I be interested ? I don't know but I'm curious so I click on the link, and see how misunderstood the cucumber can be. In fact, he should be made into a super fruit or something... No I did not bang my head on the wall to pass time I know better than that. I did not watch a 80 years old women getting it on with a cucumber either, I know better than that too. The cucumber wouldn't get the status of a super fruit for being a sex toy. I just read a funny post on everyday uses for the cucumber called "Ten tips Thursday - Cucumbers rival WD-40".

Please follow the link to take a look, I'm sure it'll enlighten your day:


Time flies, I have to go to bed. Enjoy your cucumber every way you want, and good night!

Hello World

There is a first for everything, since nothing pops out of the universe like that. This is not. This is frustrating, because it's the second time I've begun writing this first post about how I first started blogging. Redundant still, Blogger – like any other blog sites – has an auto save but no saved version of the post not yet posted. I'm sure you see this coming from a random unlucky person like me: I always manage to erase my comments, or blog posts, or stuff I write on the internet. Truly devastating if I may add. And then my inspiration just comit suicide.

I'm a very uninspired person and I don't have a good short term memory. Which is why now, instead of writing on my blog, I've got an openoffice writer page up so I'm sure my text doesn't vanish because of my own clumsyness. Just writing here instead of on my blog makes my inspiration go somwhere else.
And it is how I come back to my original idea. Everything starts somewhere, and I decided to start with – drum roll – Hello!

Very uninspired like I said. So yep, Hello world, and welcome to Nyah's World ^_^ !

« Ooh I like this name »
« Yeah me too »
« Who are you »
« I'm you »

This could go on for hours. See, I told you I was a crazy person. Well, I didn't tell you, its just written on my profile... What ever, this blog's name is one of my favorite. You see, I have 3 other blogs already, and they don't have cool names. They also have two things in common: 1: They are in French (Hey what's up I'm a French Canadian) and 2: I rarely write anything on them anymore. Whcih renders them quite useless. My livejournal was my first blog, from6 years ago, and I wonder if I have written more than 15 posts. I've created a second livejournal, for a novel project I haven't touched for 3 years.

The last blog I've created was on Skyrock (Never ever going to go back there cause it sucks). Skyrock is like a dating sites offering a blog option. Anyone that read it was from some Arabian countries and sent me message saying I was pretty – Uh oh weird stalkers – or just comented random things on random posts to – again – try to be my friend/lover/brother and get an easy way to come to Canada.

So this blog – if it survives – will probably be mostly in English, sometimes in French, and some other times with Japanese expressions. They are going to be mostly random stuff I like, do, find on internet, or want to rant about. So yeah, comments are appreciated and highly recomended. I'm a comment whore :p

I hope this will be as fun to read as it is to write – yeah I still get some fun writing this – I also hope this will help me improve my english writing, I still have to practice because I am now into english fanfiction writing for my fandom of the year – I name James Tiberius Kirk/Spock. Shoot. I was trying not to mention my love for gays and slash, especially for Star Trek slash right away.

In fact, I was about to talk about cucumbers. But what the hell, it is now done. So yeah, I'm a Trekkie or Trekkers or whatteva they call themselves these days. So if you still wanna read further, you are going to have to bear with my obsession. I already hear someone say *get this blog away from me*. So of course, little disclaimer to finish this post: This blog will contain violence – maybe not – sexual references – probably a lot – rainbows, unicorns and random shit. If you are an homophobic bastard, a bigot, George W Bush or a mix of A, B and C, please go away. If you are a scatophiliac, I don't wanna know, that's the kind of weird I don't do – eww – If you are a pet loving, nice, sarcasm lover, dark comments worshiper or a simple happy go round person, I welcome you.
Hugs ^_^

p.s. Those who were excited about the cucumber talk, see you next post.